The world of Non-engineered Housings

The RC frame with masonry wall structure, which is the type of the buildings we are focusing on, is widely used not only for the residential houses but also for the commercial buildings around the world. In the past earthquake disasters, this type of structure is proved to be seismically vulnerable to cause a number of causalities due to the collapse of the structure. Despite such experiences, the RC frame with masonry wall structures, especially non-engineered housings, keep constructing in the urban area for Asian-Pacific countries.

The Objectives of this project are to improve the construction quality of the RC frame with masonry wall structure in the City of Marikina, by

1. investigating the current construction practices and structural details.
2. estimating the seismic capacity of the structure with current construction method
3. developing a better construction method to improve the seismic capacity, and construct the house with such improvements. The research team will try to design the improved method with minimum cost increase and applicable for the local worker's skills and techniques.
4. demonstrating the effects of the improvements through loading experiment for House R.

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